Ashley Went From Juggling A Ton Of Different Business Ideas, Living In Complete Chaos & NOT Making The Money She Desired, To Making $73,000 From Enrolling Just TWO Premium Clients


Discover How My Client Ashley Went From Juggling A Ton Of Different Business Ideas, Living In Complete Chaos & NOT Making The Money She Desired, To Making $73,000 From Enrolling Just TWO Premium Clients]

In this video case study, Ashley and I chat about the simple but effective strategies we implemented to effectively package up her expertise, book discovery calls with perfect fit prospects, and get a YES on those calls.

If you’re ready to quit spinning your wheels, ditch low hourly rates, and create BIG paydays – away from all the guru nonsense, then book your free call with me today.

We’ll talk about where you are right now in your business, the steps you need to take to book all the calls you need, and how to transition to a premium business model and have clients joyfully pay you at least $3k to work with you.

I’ve only got a few slots available before Christmas, and you could be enrolling $3k+ clients from January.

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Your Template For Raising Fees

Once you make the decision to go premium (and you’ve made that decision, right?), one tricky problem that can come up is how you handle this with your current clients. People who’ve already paid you for your services at some point, so are very familiar with your old fees. 

Really, the solution to this is pretty simple and straightforward. 

You send them an email telling them about the changes, and you also give them the chance to book in some time with you. 

The beauty of this? 

They know what’s going down, and they also feel a little bit special. 

I’ve made it really easy for you to do this – I’m even giving you the EXACT words to use. Just plug ‘em in, and you’re ready to go… 

Hi <name>

I’ve been doing a bit of admin these past few days and I came across the file from when we worked together last year. It reminded me of how much of a great fit we were, and how much you achieved…...


Why You Should NOT Raise Your Fees

So these past few weeks, we’ve been talking a lot about raising your fees. Why you should do it, what’s holding you back, and the big misconceptions along the way that are forcing you to believe that you should charge by the hour and underprice your offering.

Maybe you’re a little bit unsure though.

Maybe you’re wondering whether earning more money whilst also increasing your impact and working with a higher caliber of clients is REALLY for you.

Surely there are some people who should definitely NOT raise their rates right now?

In the interests of making sure that you have the full picture here, I’ve thought long and hard about the kind of business owner who shouldn’t increase their fees, like we’ve been talking about.

And I have just ONE example for you to consider.

>>>If you have no real passion or SKILL when it comes to your area of expertise, and you’re purely in the game to make some fast money… Then what...


What If You Stopped Charging Low Hourly Rates?

What if you finally just raised your fees? 

What if you quit the excuses around why you can’t transition to a premium business model? 

What if you decided that you’d only work with dream clients, who were willing to invest $3k+ into working with you? 

What if you started getting paid the kind of money that’s really possible for your expert advice and guidance? 

What if you stopped letting your clients just dip their toes in the waters by booking in a session now and again? 

What if you realised that all of this really IS possible for you – and you decided to take action? 

And what if you could get my help to make all of this happen? 

You can. 

Doors to Sales in 6 Mastery open again soon. 

If it’s time to end your ‘what if’ cycle and actually make your premium business model a reality, then make sure you’re on the waiting list. 

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