This where you expect me to tell you that not too long ago, I was just like you. That I struggled to close sales I needed to make the money I desired.

 That booking in discovery calls was an uphill struggle, and when I did manage to get them, they ended in the same old objections and disappointment.

That selling made me feel anxious, stressed out and frustrated. That I was stuck earning peanuts for my expertise, wondering when exactly my time would come.

And let’s face it… If I had a story like that about how I overcame all of those things and finally started to thrive online, then it’d be a pretty good one to share.

But I don’t.

Though this might make you hate me a little bit, enrolling premium clients is something that I’ve always excelled at.

It came easy to me, and I almost did it without even thinking.

So when I realised that the thing that I was so good at was also the thing that held so many women back…

The thing that kept them under-earning, overworking, and consistently failing to earn anywhere near $10k+ a month…

I knew that it was my calling to do something about it.

I knew that with my 6-step process, I could help normal women just like you to enroll premium clients with joy, confidence, and ease…

Without a celebrity-style online following, without a huge email list, without a ton of testimonials and contacts, and even if you’ve never even seriously considered that going premium could be an option for YOU.



I was fed up with hearing about way too many entrepreneurs being told to craft $97 or $299 e-courses and programmes, and tying themselves up in circles, and I knew that I had to show you that there’s a better way.


Back in 2013, I was managing a hostel for teenage parents. I’d worked hard to get my degree in Criminal Justice, and I was eager to pursue a career in social care. My husband worked as a long distance lorry driver, which meant getting up at the crack of dawn and going to bed too early for an adult. Little did I know what was to come!

We were getting by okay. We were making ends meet, paying the bills, and seeing each other when we could.

Everything was fine, until the day when I realised that it really wasn’t.

One night, my husband walked through the door and he was shaking like a leaf.
I asked him “what’s wrong?”

At first, he hesitated.

Then he told me he had fallen asleep at the wheel and was only a few feet from death as he jammed his feet as hard as he could on the brakes to avoid running into the back of another truck.


I wanted to actually see and spend time with my husband, knowing he was not risking his life every day to put food on the table. And I realised I was unfulfilled. I wanted to express my creativity and live life on my own terms!

It was 3am on a Wednesday morning, I jumped out of bed and whilst my husband was getting dressed for work I said ‘babe lets start a business’ and he said ‘ok’ and came up with a plan of how to start

I became a full time entrepreneur a few weeks later.

We started a garment printing business and I went door-to-door, selling printed and embroidered uniforms. I sold to manufacturing companies, restaurants, hair salons, in fact… to anyone that needed what we were selling.

And you know what?


I walked the streets every single day selling, but we did pretty well without having a website or flashy business cards.

We were making over $6,500 per month, which was more than what my husband and I were previously earning combined in our full-time jobs.

I was doing traditional advertising, like cold calling, and going to networking events 3 times a week.

The hard work was worth it, because we quickly made a name for ourselves, and didn’t have to compete with larger garment printing companies.

We were exactly the same as them in terms of what we offered, but my customers chose me because they’d liked my humour and I was always a little bit cheeky.

Can you imagine a short, curly haired girl, wearing, jeans, hoodie and trainers and with zero reputation at the time, walking into big manufacturing companies, charging premium prices, and closing the sale over and over and over again?

It makes me laugh now just thinking about it!


And that was a big and important lesson right there. You think that you have to look and dress and act in a certain way to enroll premium clients?

You absolutely don’t.

HOWEVER… The endless cold calls and door-to-door sales started to take their toll, and I knew that there had to be a better way.


We found an online digital marketing company and spent over $600 per month for a website and search engine optimisation services.

I was pretty excited… I was going to tap into the power of the online world, and things were going to be so much easier from this point onwards.

The result?

No leads

No traffic

No online sales.

Even worse – I was embarrassed to show our new website to anyone (even friends and family), because, in a word, it sucked! I realised I had made a mistake, and I had to fix it!


Out of desperation, I stayed up until 2 or 3 in the morning for weeks on end, learning how to create a website.

I invested in a mentor and several mastermind groups and online resources, and eventually mastered the art of personal branding, online marketing and SEO.

Within a month, we were on the first page of Google for our chosen keywords, and we began to make real sales directly from Google, Facebook and Twitter.

And the business owners I was meeting suddenly weren’t just asking me about embroidered workwear.

They were asking me how I managed to sell online…


I started consulting small business owners just like you, showing them exactly how to enroll premium clients.

Within 6 weeks, I created $13,000 with no list, no contacts, and not a great deal more than my passion for sales and my dedication to help other people to break free from the constraints of low hourly rates, and transition to a premium business model.

Within a year, I’d created $104,000, and I’d helped dozens of women to sell premium services and hit $10k+ months.


My mission is to show you that enrolling premium clients is not just possible for you… It is VERY achievable, regardless of where you are right now, how low your rates are, and how long you’ve been earning less than you desire. And you can do it in 42 days or less.


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