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This has changed the game for women just like you who once couldn’t believe that selling could be simple, straightforward, and even FUN - even when selling premium solutions with a $3k+ price tag. If you’re sick of your mediocre income, and you want to serve your clients on a deeper level, then this is for YOU!

In This E-book, You'll Discover:

  • How to STOP being overlooked and ignored in your industry, and develop a PREMIUM business model so your ideal clients will happily invest thousands of dollars to work with you – even if you’re currently charging low hourly fees
  • Why crafting $97 e-courses is keeping you broke, stuck, and stressed out... And how to break free from the constant grind of chasing price-led buyers 
  • How to craft your signature blueprint service so you can create deep, transformational change for your clients, and become their can’t-live-without secret weapon
  • The secrets of charging based on VALUE, not just your time – for so many of my clients, this knowledge has been the BIG breakthrough that had them enrolling $3k+ clients in a matter of WEEKS  
  • Why the so-called ‘gurus’ are just dead wrong when they tell you that you need a huge following or gigantic email list to make serious money from your coaching or consulting business 
  • How to magnetically attract your dream clients, so you have a steady stream of discovery calls that result in a big fat YES! 
  • PLUS, a ton of practical advice and guidance so you can go from stressed out and frustrated, to being paid LUCRATIVELY for getting awesome results for all the BEST clients, in record time! 

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Petra Foster
Client Enrollment Strategist


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